May 09, 2022

What are the Benefits of Using a Title Company Ran by a Law Firm?

Title Company

Several states require an attorney to be used during real estate transactions; however, Florida does not require a real estate attorney to help with the transaction. It is up to the buyers to choose if they use an attorney or a title company to close the transaction. Though title companies are experienced in helping complete real estate transactions, they are not the same as hiring a Florida real estate attorney. There are several benefits to hiring an attorney or using a title company run by a law firm.

The attorneys at Nasseh Sirounis Law can show you how a Florida real estate lawyer can help you close on your upcoming real estate transaction.

What are the Benefits of Using a Title Company Ran by a Law Firm?

Hiring Florida real estate lawyers help ensure everything runs smoothly when closing your new home. There are several different benefits of using a title company operated by a law firm, and some of those benefits include:

  • The title company works for the insurer and not the buyer or seller, while a real estate lawyer works for those who hire them.
  • Title agents cannot provide legal advice where a law firm is licensed in Florida real estate law and can help with legal issues and questions.
  • FL real estate attorneys can create contract addenda, deal with non-standard forms, correct legal issues affecting the title, and address concerns in the sales contract where a title company cannot.
  • Using a real estate attorney-run title company can help save money by not having to pay two different entities during the purchase of a home.

Why Work with a Law Firm Instead of a Title Company

Though a title company can help with the closing, hiring a real estate attorney to assist with closing on a home is more advantageous. An attorney can help you with legal guidance and leadership, whereas a title company without attorneys cannot help with any legal advice. Additionally, an attorney can help prepare addendums to contacts, change standardized documents, and help with other nontraditional closing documents.

Working with an attorney instead of a title company helps prevent any delays when legal matters arise during the closing process and title documentation search. In addition, working with an attorney helps protect you from unknowingly working with a title company’s closing agent who may be acting illegally.

How an Attorney Can Help

The primary role of a Florida real estate attorney is to help prepare and review the real estate contract written by the seller’s attorney. If you are selling your home, Florida real estate attorneys help draw up the contract and include everything needed. Additionally, the attorney will help explain all legal terms in the agreement, so you understand precisely what is included and what to expect during the closing process. The attorney also helps negotiate the terms of the contract on your behalf with your real estate agent.

Additionally, a real estate attorney helps check the legalities of the title and checks the title work completed by the title company. Since title insurance protects you and your lender from any costs associated with defending your title, your attorney can help obtain a title insurance policy on your behalf.

Finally, a Florida real estate lawyer helps collaborate with lenders ensuring all the paperwork is to approve your mortgage. They will also attend your home’s closing and ensure all money is distributed correctly.

Selecting a Florida Real Estate Attorney

When looking for a FL real estate attorney to hire for your upcoming home purchase or sale, look for one who specializes in Florida real estate law, is dedicated to helping clients, and has the experience handling various forms of real estate transactions. Before hiring the attorney, take time to discuss your wishes and goals during your home buying or selling process.

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